Text all drink orders to 662-701-1177.

TTG works hand in hand with multiple catering companies. We are not responsible for catering your next fabulous food order, but WE DO deliver your catering ordered from them to your tent at a nominal 30% of your order total. Minimal of a $50 delivery fee. Please contact Take it to The Grove Tailgating company personally to make those arrangements. 662-701-1177. On high volume SEC Game Day weeks texting will receive the fastest response.

Process of how this works…


  • Who do I place my catering order with ? Please place your catering order directly with one of our catering vendors from OUR preferred catering vendor list.
  • Do I need to give the catering company any specific information? Yes, please order your catering in the name your tailgate is booked in as well as telling them Take it to The Grove Tailgating will be picking up and delivering your order. If you fail to tell them it is a PICKUP & DELIVERY by Take it to The Grove it may not make it to the Grove. That is how the catering companies know what to with your order.
  • Who do I pay for the catering? Pay the catering vendor of choice from our list that you choose
  • Who do I pay for the catering delivery? You will pay Take it to The Grove for the catering delivery. We will send an invoice over via email.
  • Does my catering order and catering delivery have to be paid prior to delivery ? YES, both catering and catering delivery both are required to be paid PRIOR to Game Day.
  • When do I need to book my catering order for the Grove ? Book early. As soon as you know the game time and the catering company you choose allows I would book. On the SEC games I would book as early as I could. Please note some vendors will book out completly.
  • Is there a deadline to order catering ? YES, please check with your cater to verify their deadline window for ordering.
  • Is my catering included with my Tailgate package? No, all fees collected by us prior to you ordering catering are for your Tailgate of choice specifically.
  • What information does Take it to The Grove need from the customer to deliver ? Once your order is complete we will need your order total as well as your delivery time window. Please once again place the name of the catering in the SAME name the Tailgate is booked under.
  • How much is the catering delivery fee ? The catering delivery fee is based on your order total .We take your order total then calculate your % for delivery owed and email you a invoice. 30% of your order total is your catering delivery percentage.
  • How do I coordinate my catering arriving at my Tailgate ? We require a representative from your Tailgate to check in with your Game Day assistant or @ our catering tent location at the intersection at the top of sorority row & grove loop for us to follow you to your tailgate for delivery. Just walk up check in & one of our staff will follow you from their with your order. Whoever is responsible for checking in MUST know the correct name to request that the Tailgate was booked under.
  • Is there a grace window ? YES, On SEC games please allow a 45 min – 1 hour grace window.
  • Is there a “black out” time NO catering will be delivered? Yes, you are on the union side of the walk of champs while the area is blocked off with no passing we are unable to cross to take catering across. We will need to coordinate to delivery earlier or after the walk of champs.
  • Do paper goods come with my Tailgate or catering order ? NO, Paper goods & chafers are not included in your package. If you would like chafers, plates, cups, napkins and cutlery we will need to know by 2 weeks prior to gameday by noon.
  • If I order chafers are they assembled? No, Chafers will be delivered to your tent for your assembly unless contracted otherwise.
  • Does Take it to The Grove setup my catering on my table? No, Take it to The Grove is NOT responsible for setting your table up or transferring food on Game Day on a normal basis. We CAN if we are contacted 2 weeks prior and this is arranged in advance. There is a fee for this service.
  • Is there a way to get more catering on Game Day? No, unfortunately catering companies do NOT send extra food to the Grove on Game Day. Exactly what you order is what will be delivered on Game Day with no extra on site in the Grove.
  • Can I bring a crock pot to plug in to my Tailgate? No, you can not plug a crock pot in to any Take it to The Grove gear. You can bring a crock pot but we ask for it NOT to be plugged in. Crock pots trip our power.
My Michelle's Tailgate Catering

Please call 662-236-1512 to place your order. Tailgating menu can be viewed on website. Please let them know Take it to The Grove will be delivering to your tailgate.

Ranger Rob's Catering

Please visit to place your Ole Miss Tailgate catering order. Select catering orders. Select game date & delivery time requested. Please keep in mind there will be time frames each game no delivery times will be allowed. ( example: walk of champs walk through time).

News's Catering Ole Miss Tailgating

Please contact LIZ at 662-202-6111 or for your Tailgating catering order. You will be selecting pickup at University Ave. Please let them know Take it to The Grove will be delivery your tailgating order.

Walk-on's Sports Bistreaux

Please call 662-636-6200. You will need to speak to the catering manager.