Take it to the Grove Tailgating Company INC. is a family-owned business by Ole Miss Alumni and former Ole Miss Cheerleader, Brandon Mason and his beautiful wife Jenna. Take it to the Grove Tailgating is an “Ole Miss Vendor Approved” organization that began in 2006 while Brandon was a student at Ole Miss. TTG, like PURE GOLD, has refined itself to be the “CHOICE” company to provide anything & everything you or your group might need to have a memorable day in the GROVE at Ole Miss. From Full-time around the clock planning to tents, tables, chairs, Fine Linens, Game-day TV system, Chandeliers, Customized Tailgate Decor, Personalized Paper Good Packs, Select Silver Serving ware & Dishes, “EZ” Drink Delivery, Catered Food Delivery from our trusted Food Partners, Tent Attendants, Full-time Game-day Staff at your beck an call we do it all !!! Nothing is too small or too ELABORATE. If you can dream it, we’ve already have done it or want to.

Take It To The Grove Tailgate Company’s staff has served clients from New York, Boston, Las Vegas, Houston, Nashville, Chattanooga, New Orleans, Atlanta, Santa Rosa, Detroit, Kentucky, Wisconsin, St. Louis, Chicago, Memphis and Oxford to mention a few. We are glad to accompany groups from the family of 4 to the largest scale company event. And, yes, we serve opposing fans too!

Grove Tailgating of the finest service and quality in Oxford, Mississippi for TWO decades…

We are proud alums of the Ole Miss Business School Class of 2009 and do our best to preserve the heart, heritage and tradition of tailgating in the Grove. With keeping the traditions alive we truly believe these traditions that date back when tailgating first began ARE what make the Grove what it is TODAY!!!



Brandon & I met in the spring of 2009. That first football season I will never forget he said,” Hey I need a favor… go out to the Grove early in the morning and hold spots for me”. This was back when “spot holding” for tailgates started at wee hours in the morning on Friday and lasted until rush Friday night. Y’all this man had sent me out there on a SEC Game Day weekend to HOLD down my own on the Walk of Champs!!!! I LOVED IT!!!!!! The excitement from the roar of the Grove as it came to life was contagious!! We then got married a year later with our wedding color of choice of course had to be NAVY and walked our exit song to the “Heart of Dixie”. As the seasons have went by just like our small little family growing to a family of 6, our business has grown and grown each year. When we think of why and how we always revert back to people. The people who help us pull all this off and the people we do it for. With every season we have repeat customers & employees the we have grown to absolutely love like family and have grown our company to what it is today. Along with growth of our company every year it seems like new requests are asked! With all of those requests, growth and friendships they all combine to make-up the company you see today! We get labeled as the “Big Guy” in the Grove but it still seems so small to me because of the relationships we build and the trust we gain with clients. I run the background business side as Brandon’s favorite secretary and DECOR queen, which I LOVE to THRIVE in!!! My brain never stops on what’s in style and what’s never been done before OR “How can we WOW them this time?’ We truly look forward to taking care of YOUR Tailgate and making it the best experience ever all the way from planning to execution.- Jenna Mason


Y’all it’s just so hard to put into words being able to sit back and see from where we started at on a single axle four wheeler trailer as a broke college kid with 4 tent set ups to a massive well-oiled machine of excellence. I remember the trash can castles kids would stack up and no tents near another tent because we all had plenty of room. I remember getting cussed out by “Ed Truett” for having his tent 4′ away from it was supposed to be. Mr Ed is no longer with us but his legacy in the Grove remains. He claimed to be the first tent in the Grove and nobody has yet to refute that statement but his tent went directly under a Walnut tree limb on Grove Loop Street. His preciseness taught me that the Grove mattered. Details in the Grove matter and I have never forgot that chewing I took that day. It’s the root of why perfection is the only execution.

Back in the day there was no spot saving. You were chased down by UPD and arrested for stepping foot in that Grove 1 second early. That in turn meant full fledge fighting for spots that you got cussed out over if you didn’t get. Yep, so no room for error.They changed the rule that one person saved a 10×10 area and could go out the Friday morning. I remember sending Jenna with Swade, our second son, to the Grove with a playpen and blankets to save spots all day while I was at work just to protect our customer’s spots. Remember the Grove matters. Now, at Rush I have my own children along side us and our staff running for dirt when the clock strikes 7. It means so much to us as parents to have the blessing of running a business where our children are able to be incorporated and learn to work hard. They know it matters and I’m proud as a Dad to be able to go to work with my kids everyday. This really has turned to a family business. Our little girl was so excited that last year she could finally pop a tent on her own. She now thinks she can run her own Zone and looks forward to running the whole operation one day and let “Mommy and Daddy relax” she says. You go girl!!!

I remember when our company was just getting started out getting ready the week before the first game was the amount of time it took to rock and roll. We now have a full staff cleaning, fixing tents, washing coolers, washing tents starting in May. It takes months to get this rocket ready to soar. I remember people saying “Go get a real job” after I took their spot in the Grove. We kept perservearing through the blood, sweat and tears that have been poured into the business we are so blessed to have today.

I remember the long nights of setting TV up many years ago. All of the guys in the Grove with their TVs volume turned wide open to listen to the signal meter of their Receiver to lock their satellite on. Everyone in the whole neighborhood would piggy back off of one receiver and hoped the owner didn’t want to change the channel. Those long nights caused us to study “TV in the Grove” like a science. We learned how to make TV service portable without dish domes and to be able to operate with multiple TVs all with their very own receiver. There is a strategic game plan to how we make TV work in the Grove and can even race to see who gets their area on the fastest. The loser usually buys the pizza lol. With every season there’s constant change in how we do things to be the best and the fastest. That’s where my brain operates is speed and logistics.

We started as a company “taking customer’s gear to the Grove” hence, our name. Then to getting 1 single tent rental for a whole game. As the years went by more and more people caught the BUZZ of the Grove and wanted to fly in and see what it was all about. They would say, ” We are coming but have no stuff can you handle it?” We would round up enough equipment and make it happen. Then, the phone just kept ringing and the “JUST SHOW UP- WE GOT YOU” baby was born. Now, we are proud to fly an entire brand new fleet of equipment for the hundreds of rental customers we accommodate each year.

I remember when getting food catered was like un-heard of. Everybody just brought a dish. Now we operate the largest food delivery service per minute. The window we pull off what we do will make your head hurt but it goes back to a system that we are always evolving to stay ahead of the game. Food delivery took off the same time Drink Delivery did all due to the traffic rules changing. Back in the day any car just pulled up and unloaded. When that changed the problem of how do we get our stuff to Grove came about. Hence, the birth of “EZ Delivery”, another customer problem we answered the bell with.

I remember when none of our tables had linens on them. That had to be hideous!! Y’all should have stopped me sooner lol. Then it hit me, the Grove matters, we have standards in the Grove and this ain’t it “FREE TABLECLOTHES” was born. That spun into full decorating to make your tailgate “Stand Out”.

All the services we have managed to add over the years are all because of people. From what our clients need from us to the magic our staff can pull off. We being,Jenna and myself, are nothing and are beyond blessed for how the Lord has taken our company to where it is and are truly grateful for each customer and staff member and can’t wait to see where it goes in the future. – Brandon Mason

We were the first company in the Grove to introduce a white glove, turn key service specializing in class. With many years of experience we confidently take on the badge of being a trusted company you can book with and us handle the rest from there. That means NO spot holding for the customer, NO Grove rush for the customer, NO tent setup for the customer, NO decor setup, NO catering pickup and delivery, NO hauling and dragging heavy coolers to the grove ALL of that is on us to make YOUR Game Day nothing short of stress free. From making all pre-game preparations, to the setup in the Grove, to taking care of each and every detailed aspect we want you to have an easy process, enjoy yourself, sit back and relax and watch the Grove come to LIFE!