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Our Services

Standard Tailgate set-up

 We have an expert team with years of experience in getting your tent where it belongs. If you are a full season group or a one time customer we will work to best accomodate your game to give you the full experience. 

We pride ourselves in the very best equipment. We offer a 10x10 tent up to a 20x30 tailgate tent size.

 Tables and Chairs- are delivered to your tailgate and arranged ready for you. Coolers, storage bins and generators are an additional service that we offer.    

 We are glad to set up your equipment or we have some available to rent on a per game basis. We can do as little as you need or do it all the way to the most fine touches.  

There's nothing we can't handle. Leave all the stress, sweat, hard work, frustration and anxiety to us!!!!

TV Set-ups

We use DISH and Directv to provide the very best television solutions for you to not miss a beat of the action.  Standard and HD options are available.  This is an added service from standard definition.


Weather-related Relief

We work along-side to coordinate weather issues such as rain, cold  or heat with hay, heaters or fans at your request. This is an added service from standard set up


We take down each item after the game and prepare it for the next.  We pride ourselves in our off-season program.  Your items will be stored like it was grandmomma's favorite quilt. We pull everything out starting in July to fix any broken parts and pressure wash every inch of your gear to be at its very best come time to Grove again.